I haven’t posted in 12 days. Happy Friday the 13th! The moon is awesome looking at my house.

The last couple of weeks have been busy. My summer plan has all but gone down the drain. Booooo! My daughter had her first week of summer camp at the YMCA last week. We finished it with her learning a racial slur and being smacked in the behind and stomach by another female camper. It was Thursday morning and she’s eating breakfast and she asks her dad and I what this word meant. I nearly dropped everything I was holding and responded with “what did you just say?” She said it again…wow. So we explained the best that we could and asked where she heard it. As the morning went on we find out the same person she learned it from has been smacking her in the behind all week and told her she sees a counselor for anger issues because she hits her mom. My husband takes her to camp and speaks with the camp director and he tells us the girls will be separated. I pick her up and find that she got hit in the stomach that day. Well that was that. I cancelled the rest of her weeks for the summer and then scrambled to find something else. So this week, we went to gymnastics camp that was fabulous. She met a few new friends and ended the week with a bunch of phone numbers. We already have a play date set in motion for next weekend. I told her she should treat all new people she meets as potential best friends for life. I say this because I see so many clicks at our school and I never want my daughter to be one of those girls who pushes anyone out of the group.

My son spent the week at video game camp. Yes, there is a video game camp. He learned coding and how to make his own game, which the family will play tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

As for my husband and I, we spent the last two weeks carting children around and trying to make time for runs. Yesterday, we got the best run in in the pouring down rain. It was drizzling when we left the house and by the time I made it home I could have rung out my clothes. I should have taken some shampoo and a bar of soap. Next time. Tomorrow morning, we have a 4-5 mile run then a 23 mile bike ride.